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Justin Meyer

Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

These common home buying mistakes could cost you time, money, and sometimes the chance to buy your dream home. Keep this list handy when you start your search.


1. Buying the oddball home.

Homes go up in value when other homes with similar layouts in the same neighborhood sell for more. These “comparables” or “comps” allow an appraiser to officially justify an increase in value, and therefore you’ll have more equity if you want to sell or refinance. So it’s important to buy a home that is uniform to most of the other homes n the neighborhood, or else the appraiser will have few or no sales to use as comps. So don’t purchase the only 2-bedroom home in a neighborhood full of 3 and 4-bedroom homes, and never buy the nicest house in a bad neighborhood.


2. Focusing on cosmetic issues.

Too often, home shoppers walk into a sizable home with a great floor plan in a wonderful neighborhood, but automatically cross it off their list because it has ugly carpet, bright paint colors, or the kitchen or bathrooms are outdated. Don’t be afraid of cosmetic fixes, and in fact, you may get a better deal and have less competition because of them. It’s easy and cheap to get the minor cosmetic fixes and updates done, but adding square footage, putting on a new roof, or the opportunity cost of buying in the wrong neighborhood etc. can get prohibitively expensive. 

8 More Mistakes are as follows:

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