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Justin Meyer

15 Most Common Inspection Items

When you’re buying or selling a home and the purchase agreement is freshly signed and you’re officially in escrow, things move fast. But it all comes to a head for one seminal event that could make or break a real estate transaction - the home inspection. In fact, home inspections (along with the appraisal and seller disclosures) are like a big flashing yellow right in every deal, with the buyer not feeling comfortable to move forward (by removing contingencies) until a full home inspection report is on hand – and usually the seller addressing any major fixes that need to be done.


Just how important are home inspections to buyers? An annual American Society of Home Inspectors reveals that 88 percent of respondents say home inspections increase their confidence about the condition of the property, 72 percent of U.S. homeowners said that a home inspection helped them avoid potential problems when they bought their home, and 64 percent of homeowners said they saved a lot of money as a result of their home inspection.


But home inspections don’t have to be nerve-wracking or a stumbling block to a home sale closing as planned. To avoid any unwanted surprises, pricy renegotiations, or even deals falling through, home sellers would be wise to do their own pre-inspection, by themselves, with the help of their handyman, or even by hiring a home inspectors themselves before listing the home, especially for luxury and high-end homes.


With a little planning and diligence, a clean home inspection report will encourage the happy buyer to proceed with a smooth transaction. In order for sellers to know just what to look for and proactively fix, here are the top maintenance issues found in home inspections:

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